Big Weekend

Let’s Take the top three…shall we?

1. Hollywood Girls Club was reviewed by Publisher’s Weekly, which to those who don’t know is the Variety of the publishing world. The review hits stands Monday 1/15 however I have secured a copy…and I am DAMN excited. Not sure how I should take the power-puff line…

2. Maggie Marr the Website is up and running! (obviously or you couldn’t see this). The site is a work in progress so please all comments, questions, ideas are welcome. You can reach me at

3. It is my FAVORITE weekend in LA it is Golden Globe Time!! Aside from the Grammy’s this weekend had the best parties and excellent swag. The Oscars are fun too but a little stuffier…the difference between the two? Hmm, a kick ass party at your best friends house (the Globes) or a party at your boss’ house (the Oscars).



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