The Hills, Hollywood Girls Club and Area

So much to blog about…in so little time. Now, I will reluctantly admit that I am in fact, a bit of a reality show junkee…say for instance THE HILLS. Oooohhh do I love it! And guess where we had our the Hollywood Girls Club launch party? Hmmm…
Area in Hollywood. THE hottest club as of late. A big thank you to club promoter extraordinaire (and superstar celeb in her own right) Allison Melnick! Second a thanks to our sponsors: Hollywood Media Bridge, Factory Magazine, Moet Chandon and Crown. Finally a big thanks to producer and friend Tore Knos. Without his tireless efforts this party wouldn’t have happend. So let’s set the scene shall we??? Yes 400+ of entertainments heavy hitters joined me for the evening at Area. I signed books, I posed for pics, I schmoozed, I chatted, I had a dance floor side banquet (that usually goes for 1500/night!) I was in fact Cici, Mary Anne and Christina the night that Mary Anne has her first one night stand…It’s ALL in Hollywood Girls Club..which I may have mentioned is now on sale!!! And who did I meet? Hmm…two very sexy Mr. Terrence Howard and one Mr. Wilmer Valderama! Plus isn’t this invite absolutely GORGEOUS! A huge thank you to Jennifer Hendricks at Pug Designs…she is absolutely brilliant. She captured the very essence of everything that is the Hollywood Girls Club.
Tomorrow…Phoenix and Chicago!
PS if you want more pics go to wireimage and type in Hollywood Girls Club

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