Love Me, Hate Me, Review Me!

First, I am absolutely BLOWN away that there are people in the world (actually lots and lots of people) that I don’t personally know who are reading Hollywood Girls Club. I am amazed that these fantastic women that I wrote about are now a part of others people’s lives. So a big Thank You for everyone who buys Hollywood Girls Club and reads Hollywood Girls Club because although HGC is a super-fast super-fun read it is an investment of your time to read a book. Second, I want to know. I want to know if you love the book, if you hate the book, if you can’t wait for the sequel (which I am STILL editing). I want to know what characters resonate with you and why. I want to know if you have questions about these fantastic women and their lives. I, like most writers, want to know what you, the reader, thinks. So in my ongoing quest to know I am asking for a review! After you read Hollywood Girls Club, please take a minute and post a review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Or if you don’t want to go public with your thoughts, shoot me an email at Can’t wait to hear from you! And again, thank you for reading Hollywood Girls Club.
xo Maggie

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