This Week….

…is a big week.

I’ve noted that in my life multiple big events seem to arrive compacted into small bits of time. Like uranium–lots of power–small bit of space. I am nearly certain there is some sort of cosmic lesson I am meant to learn from this–and I must certainly still be learning as these dynamite weeks still arrive. I don’t mind it–really–in fact pressure to perform and perform well may be my favorite adrenaline type. But I do note that the anxiousness that careens around the inside of my belly is less likeable as I age.

Granted part of what I do for a living will always create some bits of excitement–anxiousness–performance anxiety. You don’t build movies and write books without thinking how the stories will be received. I must be emotionally invested in the projects or really neither would be worth the film/paper on which the stories are told.

But there are some weeks–some days–some hours–on which the outcome of a project depends more heavily and it is these hours that I will inhabit this week.

Excitement bursts, anxiousness careens, and my fingers cross.


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