Yes, It Really Is Research

by Megan Crane

Sometimes we all need a little help getting into the mood. It’s okay to admit it. We’re among friends here at Maggie’s blog. There’s no shame in admitting you need some outside help to get there now and then.

I’m talking about writing, of course.

Writing romance, specifically, which I do quite a lot of using both of my writerly personalities—Megan Crane, who is a critically acclaimed author of women’s fiction and Caitlin Crews, who is a USA Today Bestselling author of Harlequin Presents. I recently finished my twenty-third book, meaning I’ve written twenty-three love stories in my near-decade of being published. I love it. But. There are some mornings when everything is wrong and I’m cranky and I’m just not feeling the love, fictional or real. What’s a writer to do? Light candles? Cast spells? You can do that, sure. Let’s not rule anything out.

But when all else fails, I turn to Pinterest.

I find that the purely academic study of the male form, for research purposes, is remarkably inspiring. Take this series of pictures of model David Gandy, which I found on Pinterest and which I used as a jumping off point for my most recent hero:

Looking at a lot of pictures of the hero I’m supposed to be writing about really helps fire up my writing. It helps me set the tone, and maintain the intensity as I go. But it’s not all staring at pretty men. I gather pictures of possible settings. Perfect moments. So much in romance novels is, really, the prelude to a kiss. So why not look at some beautifully captured moments of ALMOST (all that yearning and longing and tension) to help keep the words flowing?

Feeling inspired? I know I always am. I’ve found Pinterest to be as much of a writing tool as it can be a procrastination method—which is not always the case! There are so many images that spark new directions and new ideas, things I might not have thought of in quite that way on my own. Sound good? Feel free to look me up: Megan Crane Pinterest And join in the (daily) inspirational conversation! Who knows? Whole books could come from the next image you see, or if you’re not a writer, well, maybe your next really great daydream…

Speaking of daydreams, I’d love yours to feature one of my stories. I have an advance copy of my June release from Harlequin Presents to give away. Here’s a blurb:

Becca Whitney has always lived with the knowledge that her blue-blooded family disowned her as a baby. So when she receives a summons to return to her family’s ancestral mansion, she’s intrigued.

Theo Markou Garcia needs a wife — or at least someone who looks strikingly similar to his infamous fiancée — and Becca would be the perfect replacement.

The deal he proposes is for Becca to masquerade as the Whitney heiress in exchange for her own true fortune! But then she begins to fall for Theo…

Tell me what romance novel rocked your world recently in the comments and I’ll pick a winner. And come say hello on Pinterest, too!

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10 Replies to “Yes, It Really Is Research”

  1. PrincessFiona01

    Oh dear, where do I begin, I loved Marriage behind the facade by Lynn Raye Harris and Tamed:The Barbarian King by Jennie Lucas because I'm always especially moved by faithfulness in a couple who've been separated for some time. But Olivia Gates with her book To Tame a Sheikh probably came closest to rocking my world. Thoughout the entire book the couples love remained strong. It was outside influences that threatened them which in a genre where conflict between the hero and heroine usually drive the story was quite astonishing.

  2. Desere

    Hi there ! Thank you for a lovely post I enjoyed reading it !

    The most recent book that I read that rocked my world was actually one of two ( the other twin sisters story will only be released later this year)

    The book is called Deserving of his Diamonds by the wonderful talented author Melanie Milburne,it was filled with so much passion and emotion that I cried actual tears for the herione and the pain she goes though !If you have not had a chance to read it I highly recommend it.

    Thank you so much for the giveaway and for the chance to win your upcoming release it sounds amazing !


  3. shazza fox

    Yes, I read those books so I suppose I'm a fan of your work. I have to tell you that I hate short men (less than 6 feet, unless it's Brad Pitt.)And, the men have to be so handsome my mouth waters. The women just have to be beautiful. Since I have so many of the illustrated books, I would say you're doing a great job.

  4. Patricia

    Well, it's not a "romance" novel, but hey, I loved the romance in The Horse Whisperer. It was such a subtle yet powerful love force going on between Tom Booker and Annie MacLean.

  5. runner10

    I checked out your Pinterest page. It looks like so much fun!! I haven't joined ,yet. I may have to join real soon.
    I finished Lisa Kleypas Rainshadow Road this weekend. I loved it. it is the first book of hers that I have read. I can't wait to read more.


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