The Perks of Writing Romance

by Aimee Carson

Thanks to Maggie for having me here today. And I can’t wait for her upcoming release, Can’t Buy Me Love!

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Spring Into Romance extravaganza, and with every post I read I found myself nodding my head in agreement. Yes, I love reading romance because I firmly believe that love conquers all. And yes, I love writing romance because I enjoy creating interesting characters and running them through the torture chamber to ensure that they deserve their HEA. Honestly, I don’t have anything new to add to all the fabulous posts so far except, perhaps, a big fat ditto!

So what are a few of the other reasons I like to write romance? I’m so glad you asked!

First off, I get to mutter to myself and exist as alternate personalities without my family staring at me like I need medication. I get to travel to faraway lands without experiencing jet lag, lost luggage, and cancelled flights. And trust me, as someone who spends a lot of time at the mercy of the airlines, this is a biggie. I get to engage in sassy banter where I always have a good retort, even if it takes me days to figure out what that comeback is. And if, as one of my characters, I say something stupid—and I do, regularly—well, I have access to the very handy backspace button.

Real life needs a backspace button. And seeing how I travel six thousand miles a month for my day job, a ‘home’ button would be handy too.

And because I wisely choose to write romance, I’m allowed the luxury of using hot men as inspiration, plastering their pictures on my office wall. Even more importantly I get to experience that first tug of sexual attraction, all within the relative safety of my own mind. The angst. The sizzling excitement. The anxiety producing does-he or doesn’t- he find me attractive, too. The sex is earth shattering, I’m always in the mood, and there are no fears about getting pregnant, unless it’s convenient for me.

In my writing world I’m God. In real life, at best I’m the Greek chorus, commenting about the lunacy of the World Stage. And if everything starts looking really wonky on my computer I can give it all the Control-Alt-Delete.

Problem solved.

But do you want to know my favorite perk about writing romance? In essence, I get to experience as many lifetimes as I can dream up, with no limits or boundaries, and a happily-ever-after is always guaranteed.

Now it’s your turn! We all love to live vicariously through fiction, but who is the one character you’d most like to be? Elizabeth Bennet? Bridget Jones? It can be either someone you wrote or from your favorite read. Leave a comment below and I’ll choose one winner to receive a copy of my debut Harlequin Presents Extra book, Secret History of a Good Girl, available now.

Play with fire…
Miami hotel tycoon Paulo Domingues knows that beneath his events planner’s southern priss, Alyssa Hunt is all sass. Little Miss Prim has Paulo’s inner rebel roaring to life – and he’s determined to seduce the fire out from behind it!

And you might get burned!…
Tough-cookie Alyssa hasn’t fought tooth and nail to shake off her past to be blindsided by one smooth-talking boss. Until, punch-drunk with desire, she succumbs to temptation and realizes what she’s been missing out on! But will Miami’s most wanted bachelor run when he discovers the real reason behind her good-girl façade?

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Harlequin M&B romance author. Part-time Alaskan bush doctor. Wife. Mom. Dog owner. Curiously, it’s the dog that gives her the most trouble.
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22 Replies to “The Perks of Writing Romance”

  1. Anonymous

    As an amateur writer i found the comments abouve really insightful & informative, so thank you! I am also not only an avid reader & literature enthusiast but also a huge fan of this paticular genre and i would be so obliged if my name could be put forward for this fantastic book giveaway.
    From: Miss. Lucinda Fountain
    Thank you! x

  2. erin

    Thanks for a fun post! I'd guess if I could trade places with any character it would be Elizabeth Bennett. She found Mr. Darcy, lives quite comfortably in a simpler time and has little to no worries 🙂

  3. BrooklynShoeBabe

    Oooo, this sounds like a great read (Secret History of a Good Girl). My library can't keep up with Harlequin's awesome releases, so I might have to go head and join the club (this tile being the first one I buy).

  4. Jennifer Probst

    HI Aimee! First off, I LOVED this book so much! And I too, am eagerly awaiting Maggie's book so when I reach deadline I can treat myself! Great post – especially about the delete button. God, I need one in real life. As for a character…I just can't pick one. Honestly, it changes as I read my books, I'm fickle and completely bond with the one I'm either writing or reading. But who doesn't love Bridget Jones – she's awesome!!

  5. Aimee Carson

    Jen – Ah, yes, my lovely friend. A delete button could come in very handy!!

    And I'm so pleased you liked Secret History Of A Good Girl. I'm currently devouring The Marriage Bargain, and I can't wait for Maggie's release!

    Thanks so much for dropping in, Jen!

  6. Wendy S. Marcus

    Hi Aimee!
    Great post. Of course no particular character I'd like to be comes to mind at present. I'm sure she will after I hit publish!!!

    I loved Secret History of a Good Girl and am looking forward to reading How to Win the Dating War!

  7. Susie Medwell

    Hi Aimee, what a great post! Must admit I'm always jealous of the heroine that has the perfect retort, in real life I always come up with it a day late, and that earth shattering sex … mmmm! Love your books – can't wait for the next one.

  8. Lynne Marshall

    Hi Aimee!
    I wholeheartedly believe in the backspace button. Do overs are a must in life, but in writing we don't have to let anything get out of hand first. I also believe in teleportation. Now, if we can only find a way to do it. 🙂

    Honestly, I am spoiled being able to write out story after story with different people. I honestly wouldn't want to be stuck in any other person's life forever – but my own.

    You're on my Kindle on my bookshelf!

  9. Kristina Knight

    Love the idea of a delete button for real life. Wouldn't that solve a LOT of problems?!? Great post, Amy…and I'm trying to pin down the one character I'd like to be…probably Joan Wilder (Kathleen Turner) from Romancing the Stone. Because she had that great, big adventure – and got the guy in the end.

  10. Aimee Carson

    Oh, Kristi, GREAT choice! I still adore that movie. My favorite part is when they enter the drug lord's house and he has a library full of her books. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  11. Abbi

    Jane Eyre. I know it sounds weird, but I'd love to be Jane Eyre. (With Timothy Dalton as Mr. Rochester, of course. ;-))

    When everyone gets done reading The Secret History of a Good Girl, they need to pick up How to Win the Dating War. Great book. Hope it reaches the US soon!

    Abbi 🙂

  12. Nas Dean

    I'm so with Susie above. By the time I think of a comeback it's next day!

    I loved your heroine's conflict in Secret History of a Good Girl, Aimee. It was a unique twist.

    And the How To Win The Dating War was fun read with lighter moments and also deep layered tensions!

    And both the books were sizzling!


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