Wonderf*ck FB

This is a story about redemption….

I can never love again. My heart was shredded when I lost the only woman I ever loved. Now I spend my life making sure that every woman knows she’s worthy of love. I committed myself to providing women pleasure. This is my vocation. Or so I thought.

Until Tara.

My sexy neighbor with her douchenugget ex-fiancé. Tara and I weren’t friends, we were barely acquaintances, until the tears, and the fistfight, and then … the sex.

Now what do I do? I can’t be myself with her, and I can’t be Wonder F*ck. I want her, but having Tara means watching the walls of my carefully crafted existence crumble. While I have the strength to provide unlimited pleasure, I’m not sure I have the strength to love.

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