Impossible Glamour


Ellen Legend wants nothing to do with her famous family or their Hollywood lifestyle. She’s content to take her outrageous IQ and photographic memory and become a surgeon. But when her dream seems to disappear and her famous father becomes ill, she is required to deal with Webber Connor, her father’s agent.

A Hollywood agent with cars, parties, and women on his mind, Webber is admittedly in love with his lifestyle. With a wicked sense of humor and an outrageous way with words, Webber is the guy who says it like it is, but when Webber comes face to face with the brainiac Ellen Legend, he is nearly at a loss for words.

Sizzling heat, two different lifestyles, but a fierce passion that neither Ellen nor Webber can deny–Impossible Glamour takes you on a tour of the film industry that only a Hollywood insider can provide.