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A former star who turned his back on fame…

Trick Williams understands celebrity. He was a Broadway star by age 10, had his own hit TV show by age 12, a platinum record by 16, and multiple movies well into his 20’s. A superstar with everything until he nearly destroyed his life and the person most dear to him. Trick made the only choice he could to survive… he walked away from stardom and started something bigger than himself, something better. Trick started Pawtown, a place where neglected four-legged friends can find their forever home.

A Legend looking for her star…

Sophia Legend grew up unclaimed by her famous father. She lived in the shadow of her two well-known half siblings. Now all the secrets are out and Sophia is focused on her own personal success. Beautiful, ambitious, and looking out for number one, Sophia courts celebrity and superstar status. She is well on the way, when her own fear and a foolish decision put everything she desires at risk.

Two people who want completely different lives…

Trick Williams wants to stay in the middle of the desert at Pawtown saving his four-legged friends. He has no need for his former fame or public life. Sophia Legend wants only one thing, to shine in this world like the star she knows she is. How could two people who want such different lives find their happily ever after?