Secrets of the Hollywood Girls Club

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“In her follow-up to The Hollywood Girls Club Marr not only takes readers behind the scenes of Tinseltown, she plummets them into the middle of hot sex scandals, blackmail and illicit affairs. These four powerful women not only manage to stay on top — both in the office and in the bedroom — they keep their friendship strong and their movies hot.”
Romantic Times Book Review 4 Stars

“Marr’s second novel is frothy, gossipy fun for US and People magazine addicts. ”
Booklist Review

“Marr’s prose is fast and sharp and she keeps the plots flying… The ripsnorter sequel to Hollywood Girls Club revolves around sex and plastic surgery secrets… if it sounds like fun it is. ”
Publisher’s Weekly

“This is a juicy, delicious read! I just loved the insider secrets and the access to what really goes on in Hollywood — the stuff we suspect happens but is always denied by scary publicists. ”
Marian Keyes, author of The Other Side of The Story

“Move over, Jackie Collins! Secrets of The Hollywood Girls Club is a steamy page-turner bursting with insider Hollywood gossip. I loved it! ”
Sarah Mlynowski, author of Milkrun and Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn’t Have)

Secrets of the Hollywood Girls Club book coverLife at the top of the A-list is fabulous, but it’s a long way to the bottom when you fall–and the cameras are always waiting for that moment of public humiliation. Jessica, Mary Anne, Lydia and Cici have stayed at the top by sticking together. Their last project together was a huge hit that launched Jessica’s boutique agency, catapulted Lydia to the top of Worldwide Pictures, created Mary Anne’s multi-million dollar writing career and proved that Cici Solange was still number one on the A-List.

But now someone wants to destroy them all.

When notes black-mailing Cici start to surface in Lydia’s office, the four gals must scramble to recover a sex tape, suppress career-destroying secrets, and protect the empire they’ve built. Everyone is a suspect and no one immune. As fears surface and facades crumble, the girls’ club will discover that in Hollywood, everyone has a secret and they will do nearly anything to keep those secrets secure.