Courting Trouble

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“Courting Trouble has all the elements I love: family drama, strong characters, and sizzling heat. I loved Courting Trouble!” —Jennifer Probst, New York Times Best-Selling author of The Marriage Bargain and The Marriage Trap

“Family secrets, buried truths, and long-lost love–Maggie Marr gives us all that and more! Courting Trouble makes facing the difficult past absolutely delicious!” —Megan Crane, author of Once More With Feeling and I Love The 80’s

 “Lots of delicious ingredients made this story one satisfying read….I found the layers of this plot just a thing of beauty…. I loved this book and couldn’t stop reading.”  —Delighted Reader Reviews

“This was my first Maggie Marr read and it definitely won’t be my last. She tells a fabulous story with Courting Trouble and its one that I would recommend reading!” —Hesperia Loves Books

Courting Trouble book coverBorn on the wrong side of the tracks, Tulsa McGrath left small town Powder Springs, Colorado the minute she graduated high school and never looked back. Until now.

As a well-known, top-notch family attorney in LA, Tulsa loves her adopted home and is quite happy with her career. Dealing in divorce law, Tulsa has watched a multitude of celebrity marriages end. A side-effect of her career as LA’s hottest divorce attorney, she considers herself immune to love.

But when her sister Savannah gets locked into a tough custody battle for her daughter Ash, Tulsa has no choice but to return home to save her niece. There’s only one problem: Cade Montgomery, an old flame and now her opposing counsel in a courtroom custody showdown.

Sparks and verbal barbs will fly as two lawyers and former lovers reignite a passion that has never disappeared. Two lawyers who never lose may discover that with this case, the price for a win is just too high.