The Christmas Wish

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A Christmas Wish book coverReturning home isn’t always easy…

Brinn Bartoli returns to Powder Springs, Colorado jilted and heartbroken. Her San Francisco business is now owned by her philandering former lover. Brinn is ready to run the family business–Bea & Barbara’s Bakery. Now all Brinn has to do is convince her controlling mom she is capable of taking care of the bakery and her own life.

But coming home is sometimes the best choice to make…

Tyler Emerson returns to Powder Springs after his ex-wife abandons him and their daughter Charlotte for a new life and lover in New York City. Tyler knows that Powder Springs is the best place to raise Charlotte. She’ll be surrounded by the loving arms of her aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. Tyler has dedicated his life to raising his daughter in his hometown.

A Christmas wish made with Christmas magic can come true…

A once-cocky Tyler Emerson remembers the torch he carried for serious but kind-hearted Brinn Bartoli. Even though neither Brinn nor Tyler want a relationship, much less love, a Powder Springs Christmas filled with gingerbread wishes, family, home, and hearth keeps pulling them together. Could a Christmas wish for true love, made with Christmas magic, come true?