Wonderful Love (Duo)

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I loved once.

And then she died right in front of me.

Sex and giving women pleasure are all I’m capable of now. And I’m good at it. A master.

Until my sexy neighbor drags me into her messed up relationship.

Tara and I weren’t friends. We were barely acquaintances. But one day there were tears and a fistfight with her McDouche fiancé, which lead to sex with her. And not just any sex.

The master got played, and now I want Tara and only her.

But having this woman means allowing the walls of my carefully crafted existence to come down. I can provide unlimited pleasure, but love? Not happening. Unless I’m willing to risk both of our lives with the nightmare of my past.


Wonderf*ck and Mister WonderFULL previously released individually but this duo includes both stories