My First Romance

Today my first romance publishes. Can’t Buy Me Love arrives into the world. This book was a labor of love (bad pun intended). My good friend and author Ally Carter was the person who originally suggested that I try my hand at writing a contemporary romance. I mean–I loved reading them so why not write one?

Can’t Buy Me Love began as an entry to the Harlequin Presents contest over 2 years ago. I was a runner up in that contest. I then wrote, rewrote, and rewrote (yes again) the manuscript under the guidance of Bryony Green at Modern Heat. While Bryony didn’t buy the book she left me with a pretty solid manuscript.

Then throw in a couple other writing gigs, a tv pilot, a film and now you get to about 6 months ago. That is when I dug out Can’t Buy Me Love and decided to rewrite (yes again) and then edit (yes again) the manuscript. Then I hired the fabulous Kim Killion to design the cover, the amazing Anne Victory to edit, and finally the remarkable Lori Bennett to format. And voila here is my very first contemporary romance Can’t Buy Me Love!Can't Buy Me LoveI think she’s beautiful. I love this book inside and out and hope you do too.

Leave a comment about your favorite moment of romance–anything will do–a rose, a card, a romantic dinner and you’ll be entered to win a copy of Can’t Buy Me Love!

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  1. Margaret

    My favorite moment of romance was once when I first began dating my now husband he surprised me with flowers that were not from a vendor or florist but were hand picked from a field. I appreciated the extra effort it took to obtain them.


  2. Anonymous

    My favourite moment of romance was when the person whom i had loved for ever (a long time) suprised me out of the blue & it turned out that they felt exsactly the same…beautiful moment for me! x
    From: Miss. Lucinda Fountain

  3. Patricia

    What a great story, Maggie, and inspiring to all of us trying to get our books out there. It can be done with lots of hard work, eh? Most romantic moment? The day my book was published my husband brought home a dozen red roses and a card and took me out to dinner. An "ahhh" moment.

  4. Maggie Post author

    Margaret–hand-picked flowers! How beautiful. What a lovely sentiment.

    Lucinda–What a wonderful moment that must have been!

    Ah–Lynne! Thank you so much!

    Patricia–what a lovely end to a BIG day for any author!

    Vicki–thank you!!

  5. Robena Grant

    Congratulations, Maggie. I just ordered the book and I'm looking forward to the read. Good for you for diving into the indie pool.
    I think the most romantic thing for me was the ex making breakfast with the kids and then bringing me breakfast in bed. : )

  6. Evie Knight

    Congratulations on your release. Perseverance always pays back and good 😉 I can't wait to read it. My favorite romance moment? Oh perhaps an impromptu Valentine's Day dinner in my backyard. I wondered where my hubby had gotten a dining table for two along with the tiki torches, and a decadent meal…yummy. Anyway the next day, while doing my chores I walked to the backyard and my dream dinner crashed (you don't want to know what he used to make up the dreamy table for two, of course the night before it was all covered up and pretty) I tell you, it was like Cinderella, except for me the magic wore off at around 9am the next day. Lol. Intention counts though. Good luck with your release.

  7. Maggie Post author

    Thank you for ordering Can't Buy Me Love! Yes, this is quite a great adventure. I love breakfast in bed–one of the most wonderful thing that a hubs can do!

  8. Maggie Post author

    Your post made me giggle. I can imagine what he may have used to make the table…hmm. But in the moment what a lovely evening. Thank you for reading Can't Buy Me Love! Let me know what you think!

  9. Dee J.


    Congrats on release day! Very excited for you! Romance… driving to the beach in the middle of the night with a new guy (future husband) and watching the sun rise. (We had to keep each other warm with some kissing to get us through. ) A very romantic (and sandy) night.

  10. Beverly Diehl

    Gorgeous cover, happy release day!

    My most romantic moment was when I was I was seeing leaned over – we were sitting together on the couch, watching a movie – and very lightly kissed the top of my head. So lightly I could barely even feel it. It was an expression of spontaneous affection that, for whatever reason, melted my heart.

  11. Maggie Post author

    Thanks to Evie Knight you've won a copy of Can't Buy Me Love!! Shoot me an email to maggiemarr @ mac . com to tell me if you want your copy in epub or mobi.


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