Running From Love is LOCKED!

I’m happy to report that Running From Love is a lock. The manuscript has been written, edited, proofed, and just this morning sent to the formatter to become the multiple ebook formats and begin the uploading process.

Running From Love

You know I love to write….well, I really really REALLY loved writing Running From Love. Poppy is so scared to love and this ‘tough cookie’ behaves like a scared bunny whenever she’s confronted with her emotions, especially her desire and love for Trevor.

Trevor? Could he be the BEST guy in the world? I think so. He’s willing to turn his back on a FORTUNE so that Poppy is happy. That is how deep his love runs for Miss Poppy. But he did lose his father so he has some deep-seated abandonment issues thus, when Poppy wants to run, well Trevor’s fears of abandonment come out full force.

Ahhhh….romance. Tortured souls who must heal themselves in order to love.

Fabulous, isn’t it?!

Running From Love, bk 5 in The Eligible Billionaires Series will be available June 30th, but you can pre-order now at the fine retailers below.



Happy reading!



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